About us

About us

Senator Positive T.A. Nelson, better known as “Positive”, is a man of the people. “Positive” he says, is not just a name but an attitude towards life. This is also expressed in his registered trademark, “Positive Is How I Live”, which he says is his non-secular way to bring people to living righteously.

"Being the senior sitting senator from the St. Croix District is an overwhelming honor. I am truly humbled that, though most are frustrated and distrustful of current representation, the people continue to stand with me on my quest for good government."

Senator Nelson has a B.S. Degree in Accounting, two leadership training certificates from the Henry Toll Fellowship and Eastern Leadership Academy, respectively; a certificate in “Driving Government Performance” from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, and a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Notre Dame University. He also holds certificates in mediation, arbitration, and hearing administration from the Public Employees Relations Board.

Additionally, Senator Nelson is a Fifth (5th) Degree Black Belt and Master Sensei Instructor at his taekwondo school “King Cobra” TKD. He’s practiced for over 25 years.


Senator Nelson is the third (3rd) of four children and the only boy of his mother. He is married to Kimberly Nelson since 1993 and together they have three sons and a daughter, Terrence, Jr., Tafari, Tywreh, and Keturah. He is an extremely proud graduate of St. Croix Central High School Class of 1985, celebrating their 31st in 2016.

This is our home. We may have our faults and conditions may be depressed, but I ain’t leaving here”...., We must be able to dip our buckets here. The days of selfishness, corruption, and status quo are leaving us. I am excited about our potential. We are on the cusp of a breakthrough. I have offered the “V.I. Infrastructure Reconstruction Plan”, a sustainable economic revitalization strategy.

I am fired up and ready to continue working on our behalf. The Virgin Islands needs us now more than ever before. I challenge my colleagues in the 31st Legislature, and Virgin Islanders where ever you are, Let’s leave our egos, degrees, party affiliations, greed, and love of power outside the arena of deliberation and instead bring in the power of love. Leadership is not dominance, it is setting and living by higher ideals.

I call upon our entire community to accept responsibility to do your part, whatever it is. We must declare, believe, and own this economic breakthrough.
Thank You St. Croix!!! I Love You, Right Back!!! We must overcome!

Our mission

  • Mission in Politics

    My mission in politics is fueled by an intent to have honest and efficient government services, improved and modern infrastructure to accommodate decades of growth in our population;

    policies to encourage, assist, and protect local cottage industries, timely accounting, and economic development which includes the Virgin Islands.

  • Personal Statement

    Humility, Honor, Love & Commitment flow through me as I serve as a Senator for six terms from the St. Croix District. You entrusted me with the Legislative authority to represent the people, and interests of the Virgin Islands. I value your trust and am forever grateful for the opportunity.

    I am committed to achieving honest and efficient government services, improved and expanded infrastructure, food and water supply, as a matter of National Security, apprenticeships and entrepreneurial opportunities, a safe and healthy society, and economic sustainability.

    Your continued support, encouragement, and assistance is needed as we forge ahead forward. All be it slow; we are making progress. A breakthrough is evident! We can’t stop now! I am even more prepared, equipped, and focused on charting the way forward. Stay with me.

    Respectfully, Humbly Servant,

    Positive T. A. Nelson

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