With eleven senators, three would speak to the St. Croix area, while another three would speak to the St. Thomas-St. John area. The staying five, Mr. Nelson said amid a question and answer session held at the Central High School Curriculum Center on Thursday morning, would be everywhere legislators chose by the general population, a setup he fights would satisfy the general population's yearning of having better representation.

"One, the bill will reduce the body, and two, it will have a tighter race for the districts and of course the at-large race will open up to five instead of one. And it does not prescribe that you need to be from any one area."

Residents have since quite a while ago called for change in the way its pioneers, specific representatives, are chosen. For instance, St. Croix occupants have griped that legislators who are voted in by inhabitants from the St. Thomas-St. John area, settle on choices that influence St. Croix constantly — even while St. Croix occupants have nothing to do with these representatives' race.

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