Main issues

Please understand that my effort and involvement in dealing with issues in the US Virgin Islands is sincere and not an attempt to get votes.

Financial Audits

Get financial audits up to date- this would improve Virgin Islands bond marketability rates.

Retro Payments

Pay retro payments owed (negotiate discount), immediate returns in income taxes and (spending) gross receipts.

Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure Improvements- Ports, Ferry Station (St Croix), complete boardwalk to Altona lagoon, scenic road west.

Senator Nelson US Virgin Islands

Government Workforce

Assess governtment workforce - conduct a work force audit with intent to reorganize and restructure employees for efficiency.

US Virgin slands Senate

Small Business Support

Small Business financial support program- collateralized loans. In addition to youth entrepeneurship grant program.

Senator Nelson with Kids

Education & Employment

Establish Apprenticeship education and employment program- to build in various trades.

Other issues

  • Water & Sewage

    An overhaul of the underground piping for portable water and sewage.

  • Restore GERS

    Restore GERS through capital infusion and seed money towards
    the construction of a large scale hotel and retirement community in Coakley Bay.

  • Nursing Home

    Acquire land next to the hospital for a long term senior nursing home facility.

  • Agricultural Depot

    Seed money for start-up and initial operation of an Agricultural Depot Program